About Us

Fusion Massage Preston is run by Fusion Massage founder and international teacher Maureen Abson and she is the senior teacher at Fusion Massage Training®. 

Maureen works from a home based practice in Hesketh Bank, Preston, providing quality care to clients and also travels extensively to teach Fusion Massage around the world. Maureen does usually have a waiting list for new clients but we have two additional practitioners offering treatments.

Sarah and Karen both trained with Maureen. Sarah has appointments available on Thursdays. Karen is a yoga teacher and massage practitioner and has appointments available most Fridays at the Mandala Centre.

The practice is easily accessible from Preston and Southport.


Hesketh Bank, West Lancashire 

Opening Hours


Monday:           9am - 5pm (Maureen)

Tuesday:          9am - 7.30pm (Maureen)

Wednesday:     9am - 5pm (Maureen)

Thursday:        9am - 7.00pm (Sarah)

Friday:             12.30 - 5.00pm (Karen)